About Us


Since 1959, Bomac Inc. has been a competitive and strategic player in the industrial controls and automation industry. Bomac's team implements the best designs for peak performance. The designs implemented are thoroughly reviewed by our team of engineers.  Bomac understands that control systems are important in each field of manufacturing and production. Whether you specialize in waste water treatment, power generation, manufacturing, processing or any other field, rely on Bomac when you need help or are looking for an upgrade.   


As a system integrator, Bomac has a foundation in many applications of controls equipment. When a project needs to be designed, diagnosed, integrated, or implemented in the field, Bomac is up to the task. The team at Bomac not only is well equipped, but can design and build a system from the ground up. Bomac offers warranty plans with all systems designed and fabricated by our specialists. Bomac's system fabricators are some of the most meticulous people in the field. See the time and attention put into our panels.


Bomac aims to provide top quality service at a fraction of the price. Manufacturing is an extremely competitive industry, and we at Bomac, understand that every second of downtime is lost profit. Call Bomac when your equipment is out of warranty and a repair needs to be assessed. Discuss the possibilities of your future equipment and the future with minimized downtime. Find what you need with Bomac.

If you are looking for a machine with a custom application, we can help.  Even though Bomac is specialized in the field of industrial control systems, our team also has experience with custom application machinery. Many of the custom application machines that we have designs are used in autonomous and semi-autonomous applications. These machines are often used for testing products while requiring as little input from an operator as possible.